SB035 | Fran Von Vie ‘Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed’ OUT FEBRUARY 25th

Next up for Sudbeat steps Fran Von Vie, the talented Spaniard who has seen his work on M-nus and Last Night On Earth and delivers a warm delicious building gem in Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed.
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Oozing of quality, keeping the vibe deep, while the pads raise the temperature to a peak time level, the vocal samples draws you in and make you smile and you realise that this track really is a quality gem.

First of the remixes goes to Dutch maestro Egbert. He has been making himself one of the most in demand producers of the techno scene having released on Cocoon , Tronic and Gem. His remix takes us deeper, while adding a techier edge, with cool percussion and manages to hold us down as the track grooves along. Crisp clicks meet intricate patterns while the vocal sneaks in and blissful sounds awash your mind.The warmth from the original seeps through as this uber cool remix develops.

Closing the package are Audiotox & Watson from label boss Hernan Cattaneo’s home country of Argentina. These guys are really turning out some quality tracks on fine labels including 99 Percent and Bonzai Progressive.

This remix utilizes the big pads from the original, while the deep and warm bass sounds glide over the cool beats. Its hypnotically sizzling along, gently clutching you close, allowing you to dream snugly as you move.

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