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2010 August 29, Creamfields UK

Photos by Melvin Mifsud

2010 August 21 Moonpark Buenos Aires

Photos by Gustavo Correa and Ignacio Arnedo

2010 June 19 Nis, Belgrade

Photos by Milica Nikitovic

2010 June 03 Sutra, Costa Mesa

Photos by Jeff Allen

2010 May 01 DOB Belgrade

Photos by Maja Simic

2010 02 26 Spy Bar, Chicago

Photos by Craig Isbell

2009 08 29 - Creamfields UK 2009

Photos by Melvin Mifsud

WMC-Renaissance 15th Anniversary – Karu & Y, Miami,USA

A really good Renaissance night during the Winter Music Conference, this time at the brand new Karu & Y Club in downtown Miami. Thanks Juampy for the pics!

Hacienda, Vodice -Croatia

Thanks Goran for the pics.

Ruby Skye- San Francisco,USA

Thanks Gilbert Rizo for the great pics!

Balak - Tijuana, Mexico

Thanks perzabal for the pics

2006 10 07 Yellow - Tokyo, Japan

Yellow in Tokyo its been fantastic for me since the first time I've play there six years ago and the Japanese crowds are always among the best. This time, I started my set 23,30 with very slow and deep house and ended up 9 hrs later at 8,30 in the morning and they were still asking for more! One of my best nights in 2006.

Grand Cafe - Osaka, Japan

First night at the Japan tour 2006 was in Osaka at the Grand Cafe. A really good crowd as usual in the country. Very good night.

 CD - Shanghai,China

Wednesday night in Shanghai at Club CD. China is getting better and better every time i play, look forward to the next!

Dance Valley, Amsterdam- Holland

One of the biggest festivals of the summer in Europe. Hernan & Danny Howells played the main stage to an amazing crowd.

Crobar, New York

Hernan playing his "kind of" residency at Crobar in New York along John Creamer.

La Caseta -Mar del Plata,Argentina

Hernan back playing in the Argentinean coast, this time in La Caseta beach, located at Mar del Plata, 400km from Buenos Aires.

Creamfields -Buenos Aires,Argentina

The biggest dance music festival in America holding more than 60,000 people in its 5th edition. Hernan played at the Cream Arena, this time along Danny Howells, James Holden and Martin Garcia.

Loquitas, Cordoba, Argentina

Loquitas is a very nice club in Cordoba, one of the leading cities in Argentina and a place I haven't been in almost 4 years so, coming back was really special. Played from 3,30 am till 11 in the morning to a fantastic crowd that never had enough. Can't wait to go back again. Thanks Pedrito for the pics, and thanks Cordoba for the support!

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

As a part of the US summer tour we went to LA with Oakie to be the first ever dj's to play at the legendary Hollywood Bowl, an amphitheatre only used for big concerts and bands but never for Dj's before. The set up was perfect and the gig started in the afternoon with different acts from all over the world playing live on stage. Then i did the opening set and around the sunset and Oakie did his show till midnight alongside live musicians over his music and the funny thing is because I played earlier that Paul, I always then take the piss that it was me the first DJ to play Hollywood Bowl and not him!

Stereo- Montreal, Canada

Hernan back at Stereo in Montreal,Canada to play what most dj's call "the best sound system in the world".